Not So Pink Nectar Perfume Serum

Not So Pink Nectar Perfume Serum

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 ⭐Exclusively available at Fragrance Bomb your source of niche fragrance.⭐

Not So Pink Nectar 

Smells Feminine but not too Girly

- Imagine a burst of citrus freshhhhnessssss yet blends with a Feminine musk yet it's not tooo girly not too overly sweet.

- this our own concoction to harmonize something for girls but not overly girly... Men can actually wear it too:)

- we have kept the same Fragrance Bomb Serum identity - smells better as you sweat to our first Female Scent

✔️The first Perfume Serum it's more potent than PURE Perfume yet Subtle enough to draw people "in" closer

✔️Smells better as you sweat

✔️ It's like your second skin, they won't notice it's perfume as of it's your own body scent.

✔️strong yet subtle enough to draw people closer 

✔️not too overpowering yet a whiff of cloud still remains